For Families

thumb_ph_leaveAs your family transitions through various stages of life, you will appreciate having a sound financial plan.  A career change, starting a family, buying a home, or ailing parents, can all be financially unsettling.  We will help you make informed decisions when faced with these inevitable changes.

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For Seniors

img_landing_retiringRetiring from full-time work creates a new financial picture in your life.  Most Canadian retirees are worried about running out of money.  We can show you how to live the life you want with the resources you have available, so that you can enjoy your retirement.

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For Small Business

img_landing_retiringSelling your business, or transferring it to a family member, has many personal and financial implications.  We have the experience and expertise to guide you through this process.

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For Youth

thumb_ph_collegeConsider these quick facts about the benefits of post-secondary education from Statistics Canada:

Canada's future labour market will have a preference for skilled workers in a global, technologically advanced economy

College and university graduates are already more likely to have a full-time job, and more likely to keep it during an economic downturn

They also tend to earn more than Canadians without post-secondary education

Tax sheltered savings

The cost of education is expensive and tuition fees, books, accommodation and living costs have been increasing faster than the rate of inflation.

One of the best ways to save for your child's future education is through a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). While you save, the government will kick in up to $7,200 through the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG). Taking advantage of this free money can go a long way to finance your child's education down the road. Putting aside even small amounts each month will translate into substantial savings later on.

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