How We Are Different

At Financial Care Group Inc. we build your Plan4Life™, bringing the pieces together to help you make the best financial decisions
to Accumulate, Grow, Protect and Transition your family wealth.

Accumulating Wealth
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Debt & Credit Card Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Setting Goals

We will help you make the right decisions on managing your income and expenses, by helping you understand the impact of debt, inflation, taxes and fees on your wealth.
The goal is to maximize your cash flow while minimizing interest costs and taxes. We will help you find the ideal balance between enjoying your life today and planning for tomorrow.

Growing Your Wealth
  • Investment management and planning
  • Managing Risk
  • Tax Planning
  • Fee Transparency

We grow your wealth with an investment process built on proven principles.   Our exclusive Portfolio Maximi$er™ system combines risk tolerance, market conditions, and tax implications to build a portfolio that maximizes returns.

Our Values


Our team will act with professionalism at all times, adhering to high standards set within Financial Care Group, and by the Financial Planning Standards Board. Our ongoing commitment to continuing education ensures we maintain a high level of competency in our industry.


Independence empowers us to always act in our client's best interest, which forms the basis for all decision-making.


Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Earning trust requires understanding our clients and providing the right product or service at all times.


We are committed to continuously improving what we do and how we do it. We engage with our clients to create innovative solutions that support their objectives and directly contribute to their success.


We believe in open and honest communication, including fee transparency.


We make sure that we understand our clients in order to develop their Plan4Life™. We work hard to earn their trust and we work harder to keep it.

Protecting Your Wealth

Managing risk is necessary at all stages of your life. Planning for the future involves a variety of strategies in order to ensure continued income for yourself, your business and your family. Without a systematic, disciplined and comprehensive preservation strategy, your own and your family's lifestyle and standard of living could be at risk.

  • Protect your family's income against death, disability, illness.
  • Protect your accumulated assets from market, economic risks, and creditors.
  • Protect your wealth from erosion from inflation, high interest rates, or taxes.
  • Prepare for unexpected life events – job loss, divorce, caring for aging parents.

Transitioning Your Wealth

Transitioning into a different stage of life can be stressful. Our qualified Financial Planners provide coaching and advice throughout all of your life events. We can professionally evaluate changes in your priorities and make the necessary adjustments to your financial plan.

  • Starting out or starting a family
  • Children attending post secondary education
  • Buying a home or recreational property
  • Leaving a job
  • Business succession
  • Caring for aging or ill parents/spouse
  • Marriage/Separation/Divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

Our goal is to help you reach your goals.